LET'S Science Project Briefly 

Development and Implementation of Social - Science Training Program for Young Refugees


Do you know these?

  • More than 53% of the Syrians in Turkey are children and youth aged below 18 years old. 

  • There is a serious problem about the education enrollment of Syrian children since their stay was not expected to take so long in the beginning and the medium of education is in Turkish. 

  • Despite better conditions in camps, the general rate of enrollment remains at the low levels of 15-20%. Rest of the young Syrian refugees are out of formal education. 

  • However, education for these young refugees is very important since securing these children’s education will reduce the risks of early marriage and military recruitment of children by armed groups, stabilize their economic future by increasing their earning potential, and ensure that today’s young Syrians will be better equipped to confront uncertain futures.


Aim of Let’s Science Project

Our Project's main objective is to "Develop and Implement Science Training Program for Young Refugees" and the main target group is young Syrian refugees who are not attending to any regular education program.


Science Training Program aims;

  • to keep young refugees who do not have any formal education, in the education environment and keep their knowledge alive; 

  • try to make them to have more positive attitude towards the society, increased level of digital competence; improved levels of skills for social entrepreneurship; improved soft competences; increased motivation and satisfaction in daily life.


Therefore, those young refugees will value their spare time with very valuable and, at the same time, in a very enjoyable way, gain very valuable scientific knowledges. This will contribute their lives in 2 ways: 

1) They will refresh their knowledge and also they will learn some new scientific knowledge. Therefore, they will not be getting away from the education environment. This will keep their education approach and willing alive.

2) Such a training program keeps young refugees motivated and makes them to stay away from some dangerous and illegal activities. In other words, such a scientific training program could contribute their lives by giving hope and feeling of safety against life on a certain level.


What do we expect from Let’s Science Project?

Our most important expectation from this project is to give those young refugees the feeling of hope, to keep them in an education environment,  to make them focus and concentrated on a certain issue that would keep them away from dangerous and illegal activities; more active participation in society; increased skills, increased level of digital and soft competence; improved levels of skills for social entrepreneurship; increased motivation and satisfaction in daily life. 

Besides, this training program will help the young refugees for the adaptation process, in other words, that would be an integrated part of adaptation process.


Who are we?

8 partners from 4 different countries: Turkey, Germany, France, Italy.

This Strategic Partnership has the following aims and objectives:

-Strengthen the European and international dimension of adaptation of refugees through NGOs

-Raise capacities of NGOs working with refugees by fostering cooperation, networking and exchanges of practices in the field of youth

-Developing a Science Training Program for young refugees to reach them who don’t have access to formal education.

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“Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union. However, European Commission and Turkish National Agency cannot be held responsi­ble for any use which may be made of the information contained therein”