Kick-off Meeting

14-15 December 2017, Ankara, Yıldırım Beyazıt University

 Kick-off meeting, held on 14-15 December, 2017, in Ankara. The major aim of this meeting was to inform partner organizations about their duties and responsibilities  and some details of the project’s intellectual outputs, workshops, transnational meetings, multiplier event and budgetary issues. 

Second Transnational Meeting

June 24-27, 2018, Strasbourg, France

The second transnational meeting was held in Strasbourg, on June 24-27, 2018. Two major achievements within the context of this meeting were; an evaluation form/survey conducted by ULİSA and USDAD in order to assess performance and efficiency of project management and the presentation of the project in the Conference in Council of Europe, with collaboration of all partners, which meant a good opportunity to disseminate the Project's objectives to wider communities and to add new perspectives.

Third Transnational Meeting

August 27-29, 2018, Bonn, Germany

Third transnational meeting was held in Bonn, Germany on 27-29 August, 2018. At this meeting, iserundschmidt introduced  several experiments/games that took place in STP; RightChallenge introduced four games and the way to use them and eCampus introduced e-learning platform that is based on eCampus infrastructure, providing a tool for trainers for transmiting knowledge to the young refugees.

Fourth Transnational Meeting

May 1, 2019, Lousada, Portugal 

held in Portugal on 1 May, 2019. Partners overviewed intellectual outputs of the project and evaluated  impressions and experiences of the refugee camps and workshop in Kahramanmarash within the context of multiplier event. 

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